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New Leaf Supports (NLS) is concerned for the safety and worth of all individuals. For this reason, the service of providing risk and needs assessments in regard to sexually offensive behaviors is also available from NLS. Meeting with the support team of an individual, meeting with the individual, reviewing records, and meeting with the family is instrumental in providing a quality assessment that also includes suggestions for the individual. We don’t subscribe to cookie cutter approaches; on the contrary, we are steadfast in our vision that individuals deserve individualized plans. 

Our trauma-informed approach is designed so that the individual will have the least restrictive environment while balancing the safety and security of housemates, family members, staff, and community members.

Risk and Needs Assessments

When an individual commits an offense or exemplifies problematic sexual behaviors, it may be alarming to a support team. NLS provides comprehensive risk and needs assessments in order to inform a support team of the current risk involved with an individual, the supports needed to maintain safety, and the next steps in addressing the behaviors.
The assessment includes an interview with the individual, discussion amongst the support team, family, and supervising agents if applicable, review of records, and evaluation of the behaviors through researched based risk assessment tools that focus on risk related to both static and dynamic variables.
Each assessment will be conducted and written by someone specifically trained in special education and sex offending behaviors and reviewed by someone who is a licensed clinician.

We believe that everyone deserves second chances.