Behavioral Supports

New Leaf Supports (NLS) has over 20 years of combined experience in working with specialized behavior supports. NLS intends to provide quality, researched based techniques involved in data-driven Functional Behavior Assessments, trauma– informed sessions within the needs of individual’s setting or circumstance, family/ support team/ and supervisory involvement,  and an individualized approach .

NLS will be able to provide behavioral supports within an existing setting. This is considered trauma-informed, as it leaves an individual’s life intact, unless circumstances warrant other options. Not only will this be an advantage for the individual, but also the support team/ family, as NLS is committed to translating and training essential information which will aid the team in making informed decisions.

The ultimate goal for NLS and any individual is for the setting to be as least restrictive as safety warrants, and for the individual to have choice in all matters of their lives. NLS is highly committed to the Everyday Lives model and is devoted to working in conjunction with residential treatment facilities, family living providers, probation and parole departments, among others.

NLS is rooted in the concept of providing innovative, trauma-informed, researched based and, most of all, compassionate care for individuals with developmental disabilities that may also have a need for supports in the area of sexuality. The topic of sexuality is often a complicated and complex issue, especially within the areas of orientation, healthy sexuality education, personal boundaries, problematic sexual behaviors, among others.

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